Weekend In Cambridge

We invite you to come to Cambridge for the Cambridge Tour de Grand Weekend.

Friday, June 12, 2020, Saturday, June 13, 2020 and Sunday, June 14, 2020.

Some suggestions on how to enjoy our beautiful City.

  1. Go to the Useful Links icon and connect with a wide range of accommodation options, including hotels, motels and camping.
  2. For dining, check out the Useful Links icon for a sample list of restaurants to get you nourished for the Tour de Grand.
  3. On Friday or Saturday you can enjoy a cycling experience with a difference. Check out the newly opened Riverside Park BMX Freestyle Bike Park. Go to Google and type in BMX Park, Cambridge.
  4. Saturday morning you can enjoy the unique experience of the Cambridge Farmers Market beside the historic Cambridge City Hall at the corner of Dickson and Ainslie Streets. www.cambridge.ca/market
  5. Adjacent to the market are the delicious pies and dumplings freshly baked by the volunteers at Wesley United Church. Two apple dumplings will get you up the first hill on the Tour de Grand.
  6. While you are at the market, take time to see the lobby of the new Cambridge City Hall and its living wall of tropical plants. . The City Hall was the first City Hall in Canada to receive the Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.
  7. If you want to get in a warmup ride for the Tour de Grand, maps for all the routes for the Tour are on our website. If you are riding one of the longer routes, Saturday might be a good time to do the rail trail 10 or 15 km ride or the 25 km. ride. Remember these routes have some hard packed gravel sections.
  8. If you want to explore some of the areas of Cambridge on your bicycle, the Cambridge cycling website has maps of short neighbourhood routes. Go to www.cambridge.ca/cycling and scroll down to Neighbourhood Cycling Routes.
  9. If you want to give the bike a rest before its big ride on Sunday, or if you want to ride off road, Cambridge has the most extensive hiking and biking trail system in all Waterloo Region including many trails along the Grand River, a designated Canadian Heritage River. Check out www.cambridge.ca/en/parks-recreation-culture/Trails-List.aspx
  10. If you want an overview of bike routes, bicycle friendly roads and trails in and around Cambridge, Google has the answer for you. Go to the Google homepage, type google maps Cambridge Ontario. Select the first result Cambridge, ON. Click anywhere on the Cambridge map that displays on the results page. A side panel for Cambridge, ON will appear on the left of your screen. Go to the Menu bars (upper left corner) and select Bicycling from the drop down list. All courtesy of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.
  11. If you want to see the Dickson Hill Heritage District, an historic area of Cambridge with its turn of the century homes, visit www.cambridge.ca , type Dickson Hill in the search box, hit Search, click on the first result, Heritage Conservation Districts - City of Cambridge. Select Dickson Hill. Select Dickson Hill Heritage Conservation District Plan. Scroll to the very end for a great map of the area. Probably a good idea to print off the map before you leave home. Definitely worth a walk.

    After your walk and when you are back in Queens Square, visit the University of Waterloo School of Architecture and the Melville Cafe for some refreshments overlooking the Grand River.
  12. Shopping.
    1. Bicycling Gear - need some last minute stuff for your ride, visit our cycling sponsors, Grand River Cycle. HUB Bicycle Shop, King Street Cycles, Ziggy's Cycle, McPhail's Cycle, 3Sixty5 Cycling, Speed River Bicycle and WIKE Bike Trailers. The Useful Links page has direct links to all these stores.
    2. The three business areas of Cambridge, Galt, Preston and Hespeler have excellent shopping, as well as the shopping areas along Hespeler Road.
    3. Southworks factory outlet stores - www.southworks.ca
  13. Fitness - need a fitness workout before your Sunday ride, visit the YMCA at 250 Hespeler Road www.ymcacambridgekw.ca Drop in guests welcome. No fee for YMCA members.
  14. To find out about other activities in Cambridge, visit www.cambridge.ca. Click on Parks, Recreation and Culture button at top of page and then on Events Calendar on the drop down menu.
  15. Check out the African Lion Safari www.lionsafari.com or the Butterfly Conservatory www.cambridgebutterfly.com
  16. Want to see Cambridge and the surrounding areas from a unique perspective, you can canoe sections of the Grand River. Rental canoes are available. Visit www.canoeingthegrand.com for rental information or www.grandriver.ca/Canoeing/canoeing.cfm for information on the river and canoe trips. If you don't have a lot of time you can do a short trip from the park area just off Fountain Street and the bridge over the river down to River Bluffs Park. A bit more time would allow you to continue with a portage around the Parkhill Dam, through the downtown Cambridge area and then pull out at a small parking area just south of Cambridge on the left side immediately past a service station. This is also the start of the Cambridge - Paris Rail Trail.
  17. PRE REGISTER FOR THE TOUR DE GRAND - Saturday from 12:00 noon until 2:00 p.m. come to Duncan McIntosh Arena and pre-register for the Cambridge Tour de Grand. If you have already registered you can pick up route maps and T-shirts. Pre-ordered jerseys and custom gloves will also be available for pickup. If you haven't registered, you can get registered at the early registration rates and pick up route maps and lunch tickets. Makes it easy for you on Sunday morning - just arrive and go riding.
  18. Enjoy the Broadway Dance Spectacular 42nd Street from June 10 to June 27 at the 500 seat Hamilton Family Theatre Cambridge, 46 Grand Avenue South, Cambridge. 1-855-372-9866. www.draytonentertainment.com On Sunday, most of the cycling routes will go by the Theatre on Grand Avenue.

Lots to do in Cambridge to keep you and your family busy, but if there is something else for which you want some specific information, please call 519-240-5325 or email [email protected].


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