Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the Cambridge Tour de Grand a fundraising event?

    Yes, the Cambridge Tour de Grand with the support of its Riders, would like to give back to our community, both locally and internationally, by supporting some valuable charitable organizations. Given that Riders are not receiving the usual amenities of the Cambridge Tour de Grand, the 2021 registration fee is being waived. Registration is online or by mail, with Riders being asked to donate or raise a minimum of $25. Riders who donate the minimum amount of $25 will be eligible for a whole range of prizes. Click on the Fundraising tab for full details on our charitable partners and how to donate.

  2. Is there a registration fee?

    There is no registration fee this year. To participate, please fundraise a minimum of $25, or make this donation yourself at the time of registration. All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt in the full amount of the donation.

  3. When can I ride in this year’s Cambridge Tour de Grand?

    Ride any of our routes starting Tuesday, June 1st up to Wednesday, June 30th, 2021.

    As an individual, or along with others in your household, or with others and adhering to current physical distancing recommendations at the time of your ride, complete any of our eleven Cambridge Tour de Grand routes, posted on our website, or ride any of your own favourite routes. We are also welcoming those who prefer to ride at home on their bike trainer or stationary bike. We are also welcoming walkers this year.

  4. What route should I ride and will the routes be signed?

    Please choose a route that is appropriate for your skill and fitness level. This year’s Cambridge Tour de Grand will not be an organized event and support, such as route signs, police support, rest stops, lunch, and portable toilets, will not be available from Cambridge Tour de Grand organizers.

  5. What should I take on my ride?

    Make sure your bike is in good mechanical repair including properly inflated tires, a bell, and bike lights. Wear a properly fitted bicycle helmet, comfortable cycling attire, including sturdy shoes and take sufficient water and snacks for your ride. Apply sunscreen and leave the baseball caps, headphones and earbuds at home. Adhere to the rules of the road and be extra careful since there will not be police support or traffic marshals on your ride.

  6. Do you want my photographs?

    Yes most definitely. Take a photo of yourself or your group on your ride and send to [email protected]. We will compile the photographs and post as many as we can on our website as a memory of the 2021 Covid 19 Cambridge Tour de Grand.

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